Pauleanna Reid


With a number two pencil and a dream, I have successfully crafted a business in storytelling and professional writing. My career began as a journalist, producing news reports inside the pages of notable Canadian media outlets including the National Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and the Vancouver Sun for an audience of several hundred thousand readers across the country. Past interviews have included: Olivia Newton-John, Tonya Lee Williams, Dr. Mehmet and Lisa Oz, Jillian Michaels and more. I develop compelling content for clients that connects them with their target audiences in a meaningful way. Bringing brands to life, my persuasive writing style has created shareable copy seen on high traffic websites such as INC, Elle, OnMogul, Lenny Letter, and I have had the opportunity to work with and ghostwrite for many high-profile CEO and Celebrity clients. Whether through public relations materials, bylines, op-eds or speeches that amplify key messages, I incite my storytelling expertise to deliver ideas with significance. In 2014, I became an Amazon Best-Selling Author of the fiction novel, Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother and for over 5 years I’ve been traveling North America as a featured expert and motivational speaker to media platforms, schools, and female empowerment conferences. When I don’t have pen to paper, I’m mentoring, watching Seinfeld or team building with my crew.
Topics of interest: Millennial & Youth Engagement, Women’s Interest & Empowerment, Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship, Motivation & Inspiration, Pop Culture/Celebrity, Leadership, Mental health, Peak Performance, Survival
Areas of Skill: Creative Consulting, Storytelling, Poetry, Fiction Writing, Website Content, Blogging, Speech Writing, Op-Eds, Biography, Book Proposals, News Reports, News Reports, Q&As, Interviews, Sponsored Posts

Safia Bartholomew


As a nationally published journalist, writer and communications strategist, I specialize in helping brands bring their unique message to the forefront. With a natural ability to spot a solid story, and a good eye for what makes people pay attention, I capture the essence of brands to create a voice that really speaks to their audience. Whether I’m ghostwriting creative and compelling copy for publication in notable outlets like Huffington Post, Fortune Magazine and Forbes or crafting a persuasive speech to amplify your message, I bring fresh ideas and a sharp eye for what’s trending in news and pop culture, all delivered in a crystal clear brand voice. My expertise is in doing the “behind the scenes” work to increase your brand's visibility: imaginative digital campaigns, clickable social media posts, creating & executing a media relations strategy customized to your message, or writing editorial content and blog posts. I work to help clients find their story and create a distinct narrative/message that gets heard by their target audience.
Topics of interest: Millennial & Youth Engagement, Women’s Interest & Empowerment, Personal Branding, Motivation & Inspiration, Pop Culture/ Celebrity, Leadership, Education, Human Rights & Social Change, Media & Entertainment
Areas of Skill: Website Content, Blogging, Speech Writing, Op-Eds, Biography, Book Proposals, News Reports, Q&As, Interviews, Sponsored Posts, Corporate Copywriting, Press Release Writing & other Media Relations Materials, Marketing Materials

Talia Leacock


I was only six years old when I decided I would be a writer, and nothing has come along that could make me change my mind. My quick wit, attention to detail, and love for the written word make me a wordsmith by nature. From producing community news reports to heading up one of the largest student-run publications at my alma mater to ghostwriting for CEOs and celebrities, I’ve dedicated myself to a career in harnessing the power of words. Armed with a degree in professional writing and a chameleon-like ability to capture voices, I’ve helped ghostwriting clients share their stories and their expertise on platforms like Huffington Post and Madame Noire. My resume is stacked with experience writing moving speeches, engaging op-eds, and compelling website copy. When I’m not writing for others, I am a dedicated personal blogger and a regular contributor to several women’s empowerment blogs. I also spend much of my time working with students as an academic editor and helping authors develop and polish their manuscripts. If I’m not in front of my computer screen or behind a book, you can find me catching up on Shonda Rhimes’ latest episodes or flexing in the gym.
Topics of interest: Millennial & Youth Engagement, Women’s Interest & Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Motivation & Inspiration, Pop Culture/Celebrity, Current Events, Health, Human Rights, Media & Entertainment
Areas of Skill: Copy Editing, Website Content, Blogging, Speech Writing, Op-Eds, Biography, News Reports, Q&As, Interviews, Sponsored Posts, Corporate Copywriting

Kern Carter


Calling myself a writer is more than declaring my occupation, it’s describing who I am. I’ve been writing stories since the third grade, and the only thing that has changed now is that I am compensated for my words. Today my storytelling comes in many forms. I am author of a fictional novella titled Thoughts of a Fractured Soul. I am also a blogger with contributions to Huffington Post, Elite Daily,, and Canadian Parent. And I use my gift of storytelling to help others share their voice through strategic and creative content. Writing has opened so many doors for me. Having my novella included into the curriculum of some high schools is an amazing feeling. Speaking at Universities and having mentored close to 20 students allows me to share all that I have learned in this industry, as well as prove to everyone I connect with that it’s possible to live your dreams. Let’s not forget that I am also a full time father to a teenage daughter who motivates me every day to push for more. Life is good!
Topics of interest: Millennial & Youth Engagement, Pop culture/Celebrity, Leadership, Education, Parenting, Creativity, Publishing, Corporate Copywriting
Areas of Skill: Storytelling, Fiction Writing, Website Content, Blogging, Speech Writing, Op-Eds, Biography, Book Proposals, News Reports, Q&As, Interviews, Sponsored Posts

Tanya Hayles


I believe there are many elements to creativity. Writing, storytelling, and creating are just a few forms of expression that we use daily. With extensive experience in crafting a story from beginning to end I have almost 5 years as a writer in digital media. While writing started as a side-hustle, it has now become an outlet where  I can connect with readers by sharing my stories, experiences and opinions through now a word or two and other platforms. I’m a mother, a business woman, an influencer, a social architect —simply, a creative.
Topics of interest: Millennial & Youth Engagement, Pop culture/Celebrity, Leadership, Pop Culture/Celebrity, Social Justice, Event Planning, Entrepreneurship, Parenting, Social Media
Areas of Skill: Website Content, Blogging, Speech Writing, Op-Eds, Q&As, Interviews, Sponsored Posts, Event Planning, Corporate Copywriting
Bee Quammie  

Bee Quammie


After winning the "Lunch with Robert Munsch" writing contest in elementary school, my love for writing and my desire for a future in it were set. My career has taken me through many journeys and adventures, but writing has always been at the centre of why I do what I do. I'm an award-winning blogger and freelance writer, with bylines in publications like The Globe and Mail, EBONY, Saveur Magazine, VICE, and many more. As a ghostwriter, I've been able to create impactful content for a variety of clients, using my skill to help shape and translate their messages to the world. When I'm not writing, I'm laughing with loved ones, staying engaged on social media, or reading a good book.
Topics of interest: Millennial & Youth Engagement, Health & Wellness, Pop Culture/Celebrity, Media & Entertainment, Parenting, Women's Interest & Empowerment, Business & Leadership
Areas of skill: Blogging, Speech Writing, Biography, Interviews, Op-Eds, Corporate Copywriting, Copy Editing



Sharing knowledge is one of my greatest passions and writing has allowed me to do that in a creative way. Words contained within pages have taught me so much throughout my life and I am humbled to now be able to contribute the same for others through my own words. I enjoy learning, doing, and challenging myself which has given me a plethora of diverse experiences. Having worked in the public, private, and not for profit sectors, I am able to provide great insight into the workings of a variety of organizations and professionals. A loyal alumnus of the University of Toronto, I have completed a bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology, a certificate in Project Management, and am currently completing a master’s degree in Adult Education – all with the University of Toronto. When I am not writing, I provide leadership to a team of project management professionals and am an active community leader.
Topics of Interest: Politics, Leadership, Self-Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Hip Hop Music, International Development, Community Development
Areas of Skill: Research, Q&As, Interviews, Op-Eds, Speech Writing, Book Proposals, Project Management, Coaching and Development

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